September 6, 2019

Applications for Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Funding
As announced at the AMO annual conference, Ontario has opened applications to the Community, Culture and Recreation Fund under the federal government’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan (ICIP) on September 3, 2019. This program will make approximately $407 million in federal funding and $320 million in provincial funds available to municipalities and other eligible partners to invest in important community infrastructure. Municipal governments will be responsible for 27 per cent of project costs.

Applications are due 11:59 p.m. November 12, 2019. With this announcement, ICIP funds under all federal funding streams with the exception of the Green Infrastructure stream have been opened for application in Ontario. See the Grants Ontario web site for details and guidelines.

Addressing the Opioid Overdose Emergency
The escalating opioid overdose emergency is increasingly an issue of concern for AMO members. It is taking a human toll, affecting individuals and communities right across of Ontario. AMO’s Board, Health Task Force and an Expert Municipal Working Group have examined the issue and are proposing a series of actions for the province to take in order to support local responses. AMO has provided a submission with recommendations to the Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions to address the emergency situation.

E-Scooter Pilot Framework Consultation
Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has released a draft 5- year E-Scooter Pilot Framework for public comment until September 12th, 2019. If implemented, the framework would permit a new mode of transportation on roads province-wide. Interested municipal governments are encouraged to respond to ensure the framework promotes a local say and reflects community interests on the ground.

AMO’s own response to the consultation:
  1. Highlights the need for a municipal role in regulating e-scooters locally;
  2. Encourages the province to adopt suggestions to increase safety;
  3. Promotes protections against municipal liability; and
  4. Recommends a shortened pilot timeframe to enable municipal governments and the province to quickly respond to unanticipated consequences.
The proposal that municipal governments provide the province with e-scooter data also creates data collection challenges for municipal governments. To see AMO’s response, click here.

Regulatory Proposal for Automated Speed Enforcement on Municipal Roads
The Ministry of Transportation has posted a proposal for municipal deployment of Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) technology in designated School and Community Safety Zones and to make it easier for municipalities to put in place Red Light Cameras. AMO and municipal governments have advocated for the permissive use of ASE on municipal roads.

The Ministry proposes to specify through regulation: the types of ASE equipment that can be used; requirements for photographic evidence; and enforcement procedures for Provincial Offences. For the deployment of Red Light Cameras, the Ministry proposes to remove the requirement to name in regulation municipalities that wish to use the system, which will permit discretionary usage.

AMO supports flexible and discretionary use of these technologies by municipalities to improve local road safety. AMO will respond to the proposal accordingly. Municipal governments that wish to review/respond directly to the proposal are encouraged to do so by October 3, 2019 copying AMO.

Government Repeals Fire Regulation
The Solicitor General has repealed the Public Reports Regulation (O. Reg. 377/18) under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997. It was scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2020.  AMO and member municipalities had raised concerns about the feasibility of implementing the regulation.