This position paper has been prepared by members of the Waste Management Task Force of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and the Association of Municipal Recycling Coordinators (AMRC).

Ontario is in the midst of a waste disposal crisis. Ontario is beset by the combined pressures of a growing population, a lack of landfill capacity, and a lack of other options as a result of current legislative realities. Our citizens need new solutions for waste disposal and they need these solutions quickly. Implementing these solutions will demand both the Province (with constitutional responsibility for the environment) and municipalities (assigned responsibilities for waste) act decisively and intelligently.

AMO believes that adopting and implementing an integrated waste strategy is an important and necessary step to a future Ontario that is recognized as a leader in waste management, resource use, and energy creation – all of which will ensure the Province maintains a strong economy and a healthy environment.

AMO believes the Province must implement an integrated waste management strategy

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