Tasked to investigate how to improve the municipal election process, AMO has been asked by the Province’s Democratic Renewal Secretariat (DRS) to offer suggestions on how to make voting easier and to improve voter turnout.

The Democratic Renewal Secretariat is reaching out to engage Ontarians in what it terms “the most ambitious democratic renewal process in Ontario’s history.” One aspect of this renewal is an attempt to make elections work better and encourage more people to exercise their right to vote. Currently in an informal information gathering stage, DRS staff have asked AMO for input on ways to make voting easier and to improve access.

The Advisory Committee on Municipal Council Term and Related Matters was asked by the AMO Board to send an Alert to our members requesting their input on alternative voting methods such as phone ballots, mail ballots, computer terminals, and e-voting. The Board also enabled the Advisory Committee to forward this information to the DRS as is and without formal endorsement or prejudice.

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