AMO’s Submission to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy on Bill 128, the Proposed Law Enforcement and Fortified Property Management Statute Law Amendment Act, which addresses marijuana home grow operations.

Bill 128 proposes amendments to seven pieces of legislation to address issues that have surfaced with increasing instances of marijuana home grow operations. It addresses:

  • enforcement powers;
  • increased penalties for building, electricity and fire safety violations; and
  • the Crown’s authority to deal with forfeited property. 
AMO Submission:

In May 2005, AMO submitted its position on Bill 128 to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy. Recommendations focused on:
  • liability protection;
  • allowing municipalities to decide what type of inspector (not just building inspectors) should inspect a home grow; 
  • respecting upper tier vs. lower tier jurisdiction; 
  • cost recovery; and
  • consumer protection.
Amendments Going to Third and Final Reading:

Most of AMO’s recommendations were supported by the amendments that came out of Committee. We were successful in expanding some liability protection to municipalities and their staff, broadening the definition of inspectors and differentiating the roles and responsibilities related to upper and lower tier authorities. We will continue to advocate for cost recovery not only with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, but also through the Municipal Act review.
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