AMO Responds to the Final Report of the Capacity Review Committee: Revitalizing Ontario’s Public Health Capacity.
In May 2006, the Public Health Capacity Review Committee (CRC) released its final report Revitalizing Ontario’s Public Health Capacity: The Final Report of the Capacity Review Committee.  This report contains recommendations on the approach to best restructure the public health system in Ontario.  Since its release, the AMO Public Health Task Force has formulated a response to the recommendations in the report.

The substance of AMO’s response focuses on the recommendations related to governance, funding and amalgamations of public health units.  AMO’s Response to the Final Report of the Capacity Review Committee: Revitalizing Ontario’s Public Health Capacity can be found at AMO’s website at www.amo.on.ca.

As the Government is currently receiving submissions in response to the report, it is expected that the Government will respond to the recommendations at a later point in the year.

Some highlights of AMO Responses to Recommendations:


  • Allow for governance models to exist that are working well; 
  • Where models have been measured and demonstrated to be under-functioning, a remedy must be negotiated; and 
  • Where autonomous boards of health continue to exist, AMO recommends that municipalities be permitted to appoint representatives to local boards of health.

AMO rejects provincial approval of budgets and recommends that local boards of health determine local public health needs, pass budgets to meet them and forward them to the Province for approval.

Building Stronger Health Units: If at anytime the Ministry undertakes consideration of Recommendation 29 (amalgamations), this should only occur in dialogue with municipalities. Any discussion of transition needs to include a review of the case for local integration.

AMO strongly believes that the funding of public health is a key component to a successful system and that is why public health should be fully funded by the Province. 

AMO will be monitoring the Government action on the CRC recommendations and will continue to advocate municipal interests and concerns. 
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