AMO’s Submission for Proposed Amendments Municipal Act, 2001 Review (Second Submission – April 2006).
Municipal councils collectively make hundreds of thousands of decisions each year. Members of municipal councils are elected by their communities to govern their respective municipalities and to make decisions that are in the best interests of the municipal organization and of the community at large. The public consistently rates municipalities as the most trusted order of government in Canada.

While AMO recognizes the genuine progress this government has made in recognizing municipalities as mature and accountable partners in providing good governance to the citizens of Ontario, much more needs to be done. The municipal sector agrees with the Minister that the Municipal Act, 2001, needs to be amended to ensure strong communities, large and small, across Ontario and give all residents a quality of life that is second to none.

In undertaking this much needed review, AMO asks that the Province remain cognizant of the need to enhance existing municipal powers, commit to stop micromanaging municipal government, define its interest in areas governed by the sector, as well as six other key principles developed by AMO and its sister associations.

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