As partners in social housing in Ontario, municipal governments must have a stronger and more influential voice in the development and guidance of social housing policy.
Housing stability and affordability is a primary factor in determining the economic, social and physical health and well-being of Ontario's families and Ontario's communities. Housing is more than just shelter, it is the interrelated system of services, supports, funding and policies that enable Ontario's citizens to live in their community.

Through the intervention of the private, non-profit and government sectors the people of Ontario enjoy the benefit of a large stock of residential ownership and rental housing – many would claim that the province and country has some of the best housing conditions in the world. Despite the excellent track record of housing the people of Ontario roughly 15% of housing needs of the residents are not being adequately met. While action by all housing stakeholders is essential there is a key role to be played by all orders of government to address the needs of vulnerable families and individuals who cannot successfully compete in Ontario’s housing market place.