It is AMO and AMRC’s position that the recommendations contained within the discussion paper continue to ensure fairness and transparency in the legislation as well as meet the needs of AMO membership.
The establishment of the Waste Diversion Act (WDA) by the Province of Ontario was an important step in acknowledging and defining the responsibilities of industry stewards who produce, import and market products within this jurisdiction. The Act sets the framework for the promotion, diversion and recycling of “designated wastes” from landfill disposal and thermal treatment. 

The Act provides a financial cost-sharing partnership with industry funding organizations, currently Stewardship Ontario, and Ontario’s municipalities, with proposed and ongoing recycling/diversion programs for wastes that are specifically designated under the Act.

AMO and AMRC presented a prior draft of this discussion paper to staff from Waste Diversion Ontario and Stewardship Ontario in May and June of 2007. A prior draft of this discussion paper was endorsed by eleven municipalities.