AMO Response to the Ontario Building Code Consultations: Mandatory Fire Sprinklers and Septic System Inspections.
Ensuring safe buildings and structures are built according to the standards of the building code and ensuring residents have access to clean, safe drinking water are among the core responsibilities of municipal governments in Ontario. Since the creation of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) in the 1970s, municipalities have had a role in enforcing standards to ensure that new structures within their communities were safe for people and municipal responsibilities for delivering safe drinking water are much older.

Ontario municipalities are proud of this history and the role they play in providing fundamental services that advance the quality of life of our citizens. They are fully committed to continuing to ensure that the OBC and its standards continue to been forced in communities across this province. However, they also share concerns about the efficacy and the efficiency of new OBC proposals to mandate fire sprinklers in residential buildings three storeys and higher and the periodic re-inspection of on-site sewage (septic) systems by municipal Code Authorities.

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