AMO Comments on the Provincial Offences Act Streamlining Review Consultation Paper.
Overall, AMO are in support of the Province’s approach and efforts in streamlining the POA. The primary objectives of POA streamlining such as improving service and access to justice for the public, enhancing fine enforcement and simplifying and making more efficient use of available resources are all objectives that we support. The consultative approach adopted by the Ministry has led to a well balanced discussion of the streamlining proposals raised in the paper. There appears to be a good balance between the various interests affected by this initiative.

From AMO’s perspective, the implementation of many of the proposals will lead to a more efficient and streamlined POA system that protects the rights of defendants while at the same time improving the cost effectiveness in the delivery of justice in the Province. The proposals for a more robust fine collection system will enhance the deterrence value of POA offences as well as maintain the integrity and fairness of the system as fine collection will become more of a certainty.

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