AMO commented on Bill C-13, Keeping Canada's Economy and Jobs Growing Act.

Specifically, AMO addressed part nine of the Bill which implements the permanency of the Federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF).  As administrators of the Federal Gas Tax Fund in Ontario, AMO has a direct role in ensuring that approximately $590 million of the current $2 billion federal funding is being delivered to 443 municipalities across the province each and every year for use in environmentally sustainable municipal infrastructure. Funds in Ontario are distributed on a per capita basis and its flexibility allows municipalities to identify eligible local priorities. 

As a result, the Gas Tax Fund has made a significant impact in our communities. Since 2005, over $1.6 billion in federal funding through the GTF has been put towards 3,100 projects worth over $5.4 billion. The foundation of this success is a direct municipal-federal relationship. This unique arrangement has created a positive and collaborative process that has allowed Ontario’s municipalities, through AMO, to work in partnership with Infrastructure Canada to improve program design and delivery over time. The Ontario model has proven to be efficient and accountable, and a number of third-party evaluations have confirmed this fact.

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