Towards a new Federal Long-Term Infrastructure Plan.
The Board of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario has approved a submission to Infrastructure Canada that lays out the needs of Ontario’s municipalities in a new federal Long-Term Infrastructure Plan.

The AMO submission calls for a long-term investment program that would allow municipalities to plan capital works and ensure that local priorities are funded.

These include:

  • A long term, ideally at least ten-year, program;
  • Funding allocations by province based on population and economic importance;
  • Dedicated portion of the funds to be directly for municipal infrastructure reflecting the fact that municipal governments are owners of the greatest portion of public infrastructure; and
  • Eligibility of all local priorities determined by municipal councils through long term municipal asset management planning.
In approving the submission, AMO’s Board noted the critical importance of municipal infrastructure as the foundation for economic and social development, environmental protection and quality of life and passed a resolution that articulates municipal priorities. This resolution is appended below and local councils are encouraged to support it or use it as a basis for their own resolutions to the federal and provincial governments.

Resolution – Federal Long-Term Infrastructure Plan

Whereas municipalities in Ontario are responsible for the majority of infrastructure in the province and that infrastructure is an investment in the economic, social and cultural development and the environmental protection of our communities; and

Whereas the Government of Canada is developing a new Long Term Infrastructure Plan for federal support for infrastructure in Canada; and

Whereas, despite increased investment in municipal infrastructure by municipal, provincial and federal orders of government in recent years, Ontario’s municipalities still have a significant infrastructure deficit.

Now, therefore, the Board of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario resolves that:

Any new federal infrastructure support program must be long-term in its scope and horizon, ideally at least ten years, to help infrastructure investment partners tackle our significant infrastructure needs; and

That Ontario, as Canada’s most populous province, should be allocated infrastructure support under any new federal infrastructure support commensurate with its population and economic importance; and

That any new federal infrastructure support program must recognize the number and variety of infrastructure systems owned, managed and operated by municipalities in Ontario and the critical supports these provide to local communities and economies by providing for  an exclusive municipal allocation in any new federal infrastructure support program; and

That the priorities of local governments in Ontario, as defined by their long-term municipal asset management plans, must be recognized and eligible for direct federal support under any new federal infrastructure support program; and

That those municipalities that have or will have comprehensive asset management plans in place at the time the Federal program is in effect should be considered immediately eligible for any new infrastructure program funding from the federal government. 



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