AMO Submission to the Standing Committee on General Government May, 2012.
The Standing Committee on General Government requested that AMO provide input into its Review of the Aggregates Resources Act as part of the Committee’s work on the Referral from the Legislative Assembly.

Given the short notice of the Committee’s sitting and its sitting date, there has not been time to undertake our normal policy development process and involve the Board of Directors in building a province-wide analysis and consideration of recommendations.

We will undertake this to inform government should a subsequent, more comprehensive policy development process occur at the province. In the meantime, AMO staff is providing some commentary on the matters within the scope of the Committee’s review but the Committee should appreciate that the AMO Board may have some additional or divergent advice.

There are 444 municipal governments in Ontario, all of which are consumers of aggregates and then also some that are or become host municipalities. As such there are some interests in common, such as the price and then more specific, narrow interests for which the Aggregate Resources Act is important legislation, along with the Planning Act and the Provincial Policy Statement.

AMO urges you to consult more formally with the municipalities that host aggregate operations to ensure the issue has broad input from the most directly affected municipal governments. To that end, we hope that the municipal governments that form the Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities will be consulted during your review.

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