Bill 8, Ontario One Call Act. AMO Presentation to the Standing Committee on General Government. April 23, 2012.

Gary McNamara, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario presented AMO's submission regarding Bill 8, The Ontario One Call Act

AMO believes:
  • The current voluntary system has merit. Mandating municipal government membership is precedent setting. The responsibility of local councils is to make policy decisions that impact their operations;
  • Public education and best practices are an extremely important part of compliance with call before you dig. Interestingly, from a consumer services and protection perspective, this Bill does not require the Province of Ontario to undertake action to improve awareness that could, in the end, be even more important for reducing infrastructure hits and injuries; and
  • That the Private Member’s Bill is a framework piece of legislation that deflects the substantive matters to a regulatory process and sets up monopoly system with no legislative review authority or monitoring requirement.
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