September 23, 2016

AMO has released a policy discussion paper on service provision for seniors’ called “Strengthening Age-Friendly Communities and Seniors’ Services for 21st Century Ontario: A New Conversation about the Municipal Role.”   

The aim of the paper is to start a renewed policy dialogue between AMO and the Province on how to best serve seniors in Ontario’s diverse communities. It was developed by AMO’s Task Force on Age-Friendly Communities and Long-Term Care and approved by the AMO Board in August 2016.

The impetus for the paper is the recognition that the municipal sector in Ontario is at the forefront of developing age-friendly communities and providing vital services to seniors. This includes long-term care, affordable housing, public health services and community support services as well as general planning for age-friendly communities.

The successful delivery of seniors’ services comes with both challenges and opportunities. The paper examines these and outlines a number of recommendations for change to better meet the needs of seniors in Ontario’s communities.