Extended producer responsibility.

What if the people who made the waste were responsible for disposing of it?

When producers pay for recycling and disposing of their products, they have a reason to make products that are easier to recycle and make less waste. It’s called product stewardship.

By encouraging innovative product design and packaging, we benefit from less waste and products that are easier to recycle. It’s better for our health and our environment. It also shifts the cost burden away from property taxpayers. 

Stewardship is starting to work in Ontario. Industries are pitching in for the cost of recycling tires, electronics, and half the stuff in your blue box. They are also starting to help pay to safely dispose of harmful products around your house. 

These are all steps in the right direction. But in order to truly reduce our waste, AMO will continue to advocate for policies that will motivate innovation that will help create better designed products that have less waste and are easier to recycle.


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