It was a year of celebrations. How much do you know about all three?

  1. In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, a new rose was created.  Name it.   
  2. In 1884, Standard Time came into effect.  What does the system achieve and who proposed it?  
  3. How many national parks does Canada have?
  4. Why do Canadians say ‘eh’?  
  5. Who was the first woman elected as mayor in Ontario?  
  6. How many provincial parks are open during the winter?  
  7. First gold mine rush was in 1866 but where?  
  8. Camp X was a spy school to train Allie spies during the Second World War. Where was it located?
  9. How many people constitute the AMO Board of Directors?
  10. Who was the first President of AMO?