June 15, 2016
Mac accepting his award from AMO president, Michael Power.
Mac accepting his award in 1999 from AMO President, Michael Power.
Mac’s long and distinguished service with municipal associations dates back 35 years, starting with his first appointment, in 1963, as part-time secretary-treasurer of the Ontario Municipal Association.  Throughout his business career, Mac had devoted his time and talent to promote the work of various municipal and business associations in Ontario. He sat on the Windsor Chamber of Commerce for nine years, the city’s retail merchants association and various tourist associations. At the same time he sat on the Ontario Rural Municipal Association, the Ontario Municipal Personnel Association and the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario.

Mac was working in Windsor for the Chamber of Commerce when he first came into contact with the then Ontario Municipal Association, which held its 1961 Annual Conference at the recently opened Windsor Cleary Auditorium. The then part-time Executive Director of the O.M.A. Eric Hardy, was looking for someone to oversee the operation of the conference registration desk. In those days, since there was no Association staff available it was necessary to transfer support staff from the City Hall and surrounding municipalities.

Mac undertook a similar role at the 1962 Conference in Niagara Falls.  Several months later he was offered and accepted the  position of  Secretary-Treasurer with the Association and was its first full-time employee. On January 1, 1972, Mac assumed the new position of Executive Director and served as such until 1990. He served as Executive Director Emeritus until 1995.

For AMO staff, Mac was a treasure trove of AMO history, from personal observations and humorous anecdotes to historical fact.
In 1999, Mac was honoured by AMO at its annual conference and celebration of its 100th anniversary, to receive AMO’s Municipal Recognition Award, presented in appreciation of his exemplary service to Ontario’s municipal governments and AMO, and most importantly, to pay respect to individuals that had contributed greatly of their time and talent to the betterment of municipal government.  

Our thoughts are with his family.

Gary McNamara, AMO President