A commentary by Pat Vanini, AMO Executive Director.

  • The beginning of the 1st full year of the new four year term of councils across Ontario.
  • The beginning of the 1st full year of a majority Liberal provincial government. Another budget to be tabled – earlier this year than previous ones?
  • The year of a federal government election, timing to be confirmed but campaigning is more and more evident.
  • A busy work plan for AMO
    • We will continue to try to influence both the federal and provincial budget and policy agendas
    • We will continue to help councils achieve the objectives of their mandates through our work and services
    • We will continue to support good policy because good policy is good politics (a borrowed and well used phrase that bears repeating)
    • We will continue to deal with short-term interests without ignoring the longer-term needs of members.
The December break not only helped recharge my batteries, but offered solid time for additional reading. Several commentaries stayed with me. First, that it is governments that have the mandate and capacity to think about what the future might bring and to seize that role and to share what is being learned along the way. Municipal governments are very good at sharing --- learning from each other and partnering to solve local challenges. The second is an African proverb – “If you want to go fast, then you will go alone; if you want to go far, then you will go together.” Together, let us make 2015 a great year of sharing and doing and being entrepreneurial!

Pat Vanini

AMO Executive Director