October 12, 2017
AMO WatchFile Guest Column

Carla Y. Nell
Vice-President, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Valuing what matters most

MPAC has made tremendous progress in recent years, guided by a four-year strategic plan that set a clear path for transforming all aspects of our business. We brought innovation to our products, technology, customer service and workplace through purposeful, transformative change.

Following this period of innovation and transformation, our Board and senior management has developed a new Strategic Plan with concerted input from stakeholders to guide our efforts from 2017 to 2020. Vital to the development of our plan was input from municipalities. We collected feedback at conferences, during day-to-day interaction with municipal staff, and through our Municipal and Industry Liaison Groups, to form a plan that focuses on our people, our core business, our assessments and our stakeholders.

MPAC’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan includes five strategic outcomes:
  1. Invest in our people
  2. Focus on our core business of assessment operations
  3. Build customer and stakeholder relationships
  4. Drive quality, traceable assessments
  5. Expand business development opportunities
Building customer and stakeholder relationships

Understanding the needs of property owners, municipalities and government, MPAC has dedicated one outcome of the new strategy specifically to enhancing our relationship with municipalities and property owners.  

To deliver on these promises, several key initiatives are already currently underway:
  • We are creating a new seamless municipal experience via enhancements to Municipal Connect with ‘one window’ access for assessment and people data.
  • We are supporting the Assessment Review Board’s commitment to improve the appeals process in 2017.
  • We are supporting assessment roll stability and predictability through ongoing proactive disclosure, pre-roll consultations and extensive outreach.
  • We are fostering continuous improvements in service delivery by implementing a Service Level Agreement with every Ontario municipality in 2018.
  • We are developing an Assessment Base Management framework to assist municipalities with best practices in shaping property tax outcomes, identifying and managing high impact appeals, and creating awareness and understanding around potential assessment shifts.
The plan was first announced to municipalities at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference. Click here to watch our strategy launch at AMO featuring MPAC Board Chair Dan Mathieson, MPAC President and CAO Rose McLean, and me.

Delivering on our commitment

Guided by our new Strategic Plan, the years leading up to the next province-wide Assessment Update in 2020 will be characterized by MPAC’s openness, transparency and customer service excellence. Through the five key areas of focus outlined above, and the initiatives already underway, we have charted a course that is based on valuing what matters most.

Our commitment to enhancing stakeholder relationships has never been stronger. We will continue to formalize a customer relationship strategy, based on shared responsibility, mutual understanding and trust, and we will provide the best products and service through collaboration and a shared accountability, to enable municipalities to better manage their assessment base.

We look forward to following up with you as we progress through the next four years.