Welcome to the AMO WatchFile – our tool to provide you with the information you really want, quickly and consistently each week.

We are making this change to serve you better – and meet the needs of those who have told us that they appreciate the information we send, but they are feeling overwhelmed by it all. While we make no apologies for the volume of information we provide to members, we appreciate the need to make it easy to process.

Each AMO WatchFile will begin with a short summary that your handheld device will love. It will be followed by  information and links  organized by simple headings that make sense – Provincial matters, Federal matters, conference information, best practices – the information you want is always just one click away. With one quick scan you can get a good sense of what’s happening – and if you want more, it’s at your fingertips, whether it is a new AMO policy paper or a new Local Authorities services program.

We don’t stop there. When appropriate, the WatchFile will let you know what to watch for in the week ahead, and provide insightful guest columns.

To make sure you get timely information, any matter that warrant’s the immediate attention of Council or senior staff will be delivered to you as a “Breaking News” email.  This would include AMO’s immediate reaction to a budget or a Throne Speech, or to new legislation that would directly impact municipal responsibilities.

These emails will be fewer in number – and we hope that and the new format will help to make sure they are noticed right away.

Thanks to our strong membership and broad support, AMO is in a unique and valuable position at the crossroads between municipal, provincial and federal government. When something is happening at Queen’s Park or in Ottawa, we hear about it – and when something is happening on Main Street, we can make sure they hear about it. The AMO WatchFile will make the most of that by improving the efficiency and quality of our communications.

Your membership and support opens doors and creates possibilities for your municipality, and for your neighbours. It’s appreciated and we want to make sure communication from AMO is as efficient and valuable as we can make it.

Of course, half of successful communication is listening. If there is some way you would like us to improve on our services to you, please let us know.  At the bottom of every edition of AMO WatchFile there will be a list of contacts for further information. And feedback about the WatchFile itself is appreciated.

Pat Vanini, Executive Director, AMO
Pat Vanini
Executive Director