ONE Investment has grown from a program to a stand-alone non-profit organization that offers a range of investment options for the municipal investor. That’s why you’ll now find updates about ONE under a separate section of the AMO Watch File.

Investments are an essential part of the revenue mix for municipal governments. Every dollar earned from investments is one more that can help the municipal government.  A carefully planned investment strategy can help fund important infrastructure projects, long-term capital plans or even contribute to operating revenues. Frankly, in today’s fiscal environment, municipalities cannot afford to ignore investment revenue.

For 25 years, ONE Investment has partnered with financial service providers to provide the municipal sector with turnkey investment solutions that are fully compliant with the Municipal Act.

Recently, municipal governments now have access to the prudent investor standard, which provides the option to invest in a broader array of investment products that will help build more diverse portfolios. This helps manage risk better, while offering the potential for better returns. This change is the result of more than a decade of joint advocacy with AMO and the Municipal Finance Officers Association (MFOA).

ONE will give municipalities the choice to stay with the traditional “legal list” of eligible investments or to invest jointly with other municipal governments under the prudent investor standard.

As part of its new services, ONE is creating a customer service team comprised of retired municipal treasurers and a CFA charterholder. Together, they will provide municipal government staff with the range of expertise needed to develop an approach that is right for the municipality, whether investing with the “legal list” or under the prudent investor standard.

As we expand our services, we look forward to keeping you updated. For more information on municipal investing, read ONE’s Prudent Investor Update, distributed every other Wednesday. Email Janet Wong