AMO’s advocacy focuses on ensuring that provincial policies and programs respect municipal authority.

AMO develops a variety of advocacy positions on all matters that impact Ontario’s municipalities. These positions are in the form of backgrounders, policy updates, reports and submissions and more to inform our membership of current issues affecting the municipal sector.

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Recent Advocacy

Bill 108 Receives Royal Assent with Several Amendments
AMO advocated vigorously on behalf of municipal interests throughout the legislative process, including by presenting before the Standing Committee of Justice Policy, and through our government relations work. A few amendments were introduced during the committee stage, including one that AMO and others proposed on including capital costs for ambulance services in development charges calculations.

AMO on Bill 108, More Homes, More Choice, 2019
AMO President, Jamie McGarvey, spoke to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy on our proposed amendments and recommendations on Bill 108. AMO's written submission speaks to municipal governments’ concerns about the impacts of the Bill if passed as is.

Welcome Fiscal Relief for This Year
Premier Ford and Minister Steve Clark announced that there would be no in-year cuts to public health, child care, and ambulance services.

AMO Submission on Bill 107, Getting Ontario Moving Act, 2019
AMO supports the majority of changes and directions included in Bill 107 and welcomes the provincial government’s vision for transportation in Ontario. While most of the changes in the Bill will help us to provide better services for our communities, there are some aspects that need to be changed for practical and principled reasons. We hope the Standing Committee will consider and support our proposed amendments.

Ontario Budget Bulletin: #3
We promised to keep you updated on the Ontario Budget impacts. This will update you on: i) changes and impacts; ii) policing grants and iii) public health.

Another Budget Shoe Drops Today
AMO is doing cumulative impact analysis as fiscal information becomes available for all affected service areas such as public health and child care. The impacts will be weighted against the Budget’s comment that changes and costs need to be sustainable for both orders of government.

AMO’s Initial Review of Bill 107, the Getting Ontario Moving Act, 2019 and Bill 108, the More Homes, More Choices Act, 2019
On May 2nd, 2019, two Bills of key interest to municipal governments were introduced. This update focuses on schedules of primary importance to municipal governments. AMO will continue to analyze the legislation and keep you updated as further information becomes available. A number of changes will require regulations.

AMO President's Statement
The Ontario Government outlined a range of changes that are intended to quickly increase Ontario’s supply of affordable housing. It seeks to provide a greater range of housing types, faster. AMO policy staff will be reviewing the details carefully and sharing updates over the coming days and weeks.

Child Care and Early Years in Ontario Planning for Successful Outcomes
AMO is committed to working with the Province to expand access to more affordable, high quality, and safe licensed child care for the people of Ontario. The recommendations in this submission are based on analysis and advice provided by the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA), the staff association representing municipal service system managers in Ontario responsible for administering and co-funding child care and early learning programs.

Municipal Budgets May be Affected by Animal Cruelty Enforcement Changes
A download risk is developing for municipal governments and police services regarding the enforcement of animal cruelty laws. AMO has been advised that the Ministry of the Solicitor General is canvassing all municipal CAOs and police services for information related to current practises.

Bill 66, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act: Submission to the Standing Committee on General Government
AMO welcomes this proposed reform and supports measures that help Ontario businesses and families thrive as a matter of principle. While we support the Labour Relations Act reforms, this submission respectfully proposes a number of amendments to improve the legislation.

2019 Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund Allocations Announced
Today, the Ministry of Finance issued 2019 allocation notices from the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF).

Bill 68, Comprehensive Ontario Police Services Act, 2019: Submission to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy
Much of what has driven the cost of policing in Ontario is the legislation that governs policing. As a result, legislation that enables improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of policing has been a key goal of municipal elected officials for many years. There are some changes in Bill 68 which will advance the agenda to modernize policing. But there are equally some elements of the Bill which will drive municipal costs and police budgets even higher.

The Importance of Development Charges: AMO Submission to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on “Increasing Housing Supply in Ontario” consultations