AMO’s advocacy focuses on ensuring that provincial policies and programs respect municipal authority.

AMO develops a variety of advocacy positions on all matters that impact Ontario’s municipalities. These positions are in the form of backgrounders, policy updates, reports and submissions and more to inform our membership of current issues affecting the municipal sector.

On the left navigation menu, you will find current policy issues we are working on now. Read our Strategic Objectives, Member Updates and Backgrounders to find out what other initiatives we are working on.

Recent Advocacy

AMO's Submission on Bill 132: Better for People, Smart for Business Act, 2019
This ominibus Bill amends fifteen Acts that impact municipal responsibilities. AMO will only comment on the top issues that raise concerns due to the anticipated impact to municipal governments.

Province Launches Consultations on the Blue Box Regulation
AMO is well-positioned for these discussions, as staff just concluded a series of consultations across the Province with municipal staff. We will continue to work with our members and the Ministry throughout the process to advocate for a Blue Box regulation that creates a seamless experience for residents, and ensures that producers are held responsible for managing plastic and other packaging at end-of-life.

AMO Response to the Data Strategy’s ‘Discussion Paper 2: Creating Economic Benefits
AMO is pleased to see the province engaging widely with Ontarians towards the development of a ‘made-in-Ontario’ Data Strategy. We are also happy to see the province consider the municipal role in creating a province-wide digital first approach.

Submission on Enabling New Models of Care for Select 9-1-1 Patients (Regulatory Posting 19-HLTC022)
AMO provided a submission to the Ministry of Health about proposed regulation changes to enable new models of care for select 9-1-1 patients which will affect municipal Paramedic Services. AMO’s view is that dispatch must be fixed first and municipalities need protection from increased liability with provincial funning for training.

AMO Submits Report to Attorney Generalon Liability and Insurance Cost Reforms
The report includes seven key recommendations on actions which the government could take to reduce the negative impact of joint and several liability. It builds on previous reports and resolutions submitted in 2010, 2011, and 2014. Please see the report for more details.

Addressing the Opioid Overdose Emergency in Ontario: Municipal Recommendations for a Provincial Response
With the provincial government developing a Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, there is opportunity to direct specific attention to the opioid overdose emergency through an overall drug
strategy. With this in mind, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is providing a broad range of recommendations to inform a provincial response.

AMO Response to MTO’s E-Scooter Pilot Framework
As local leaders, municipal governments are interested in keeping roads safe for all road users in our communities. Municipalities are also interested in exploring evolving technologies that advance multi-modal transportation and address ‘first and last mile’ transportation challenges for our residents.

Fixing the Housing Affordability Crisis: Municipal Recommendations for Housing in Ontario
AMO released “Fixing the Housing Affordability Crisis: Municipal Recommendations for Housing in Ontario”. Addressing the housing affordability crisis facing our residents throughout Ontario is a key priority for AMO and municipal governments.

New Employment Services Prototype Regions Announced
The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) announced the three regions where Ontario will prototype its new service delivery model for employment and training services as part of Social Assistance Reform.

New Broadband Strategy Announced for Rural Canada
AMO will continue to work with FCM, ROMA and municipal governments to advance access to broadband in all of our communities. Lack of connectivity has held rural and northern Ontario back for too long. 

AMO on Bill 108, More Homes, More Choice, 2019
AMO President, Jamie McGarvey, spoke to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy on our proposed amendments and recommendations on Bill 108. AMO's written submission speaks to municipal governments’ concerns about the impacts of the Bill if passed as is.

AMO Submission on Bill 107, Getting Ontario Moving Act, 2019
AMO supports the majority of changes and directions included in Bill 107 and welcomes the provincial government’s vision for transportation in Ontario. While most of the changes in the Bill will help us to provide better services for our communities, there are some aspects that need to be changed for practical and principled reasons. We hope the Standing Committee will consider and support our proposed amendments.

AMO’s Initial Review of Bill 107, the Getting Ontario Moving Act, 2019 and Bill 108, the More Homes, More Choices Act, 2019
On May 2nd, 2019, two Bills of key interest to municipal governments were introduced. This update focuses on schedules of primary importance to municipal governments. AMO will continue to analyze the legislation and keep you updated as further information becomes available. A number of changes will require regulations.

Child Care and Early Years in Ontario Planning for Successful Outcomes
AMO is committed to working with the Province to expand access to more affordable, high quality, and safe licensed child care for the people of Ontario. The recommendations in this submission are based on analysis and advice provided by the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA), the staff association representing municipal service system managers in Ontario responsible for administering and co-funding child care and early learning programs.

Bill 66, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act: Submission to the Standing Committee on General Government
AMO welcomes this proposed reform and supports measures that help Ontario businesses and families thrive as a matter of principle. While we support the Labour Relations Act reforms, this submission respectfully proposes a number of amendments to improve the legislation.

Bill 68, Comprehensive Ontario Police Services Act, 2019: Submission to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy
Much of what has driven the cost of policing in Ontario is the legislation that governs policing. As a result, legislation that enables improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of policing has been a key goal of municipal elected officials for many years. There are some changes in Bill 68 which will advance the agenda to modernize policing. But there are equally some elements of the Bill which will drive municipal costs and police budgets even higher.

The Importance of Development Charges: AMO Submission to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on “Increasing Housing Supply in Ontario consultations