AMO’s advocacy focuses on ensuring that provincial policies and programs respect municipal authority.

AMO develops a variety of advocacy positions on all matters that impact Ontario’s municipalities. These positions are in the form of backgrounders, policy updates, reports and submissions and more to inform our membership of current issues affecting the municipal sector.

On the left navigation menu, you will find current policy issues we are working on now. Read our Strategic Objectives, Member Updates and Backgrounders to find out what other initiatives we are working on.

Recent Advocacy

August 2017 Board Meeting ans Helping Latest Double Firefighters
To keep members informed, AMO provides updates on important issues considered at regular AMO Board of Directors’ meetings. The Board met in Ottawa, Ontario prior to the 2017 Annual AMO Conference.

Minister’s Expert Panel Report on Public Health Released
Although engagement details are pending, we do understand that there will likely be a reasonable amount of time for review and discussion. AMO will be convening its Health Task Force in early September to fully consider this report and assist the development of the AMO Board’s response at the September Board meeting. At the upcoming AMO conference, there will be a concurrent session on the future of public health on Tuesday, August 15th.

AMO Submission on Bill 148,  Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017
There are some significant areas of concern for municipal governments in the draft legislation. We look forward to working with the government and all members of the Ontario Legislature to find reasonable approaches to what may be some unintended consequences for municipal services, especially emergency services.

Ambulance Act Legislative Consultation Including Fire-Medic Proposal
AMO is working with the government through AMO’s Health Task Force and other municipal sector targeted consultations on behalf of our membership.  Although there has been an understandable focus on the fire-medic concept, there is a broad range of priority policy changes the government is planning to include in these legislative amendments that require thoughtful municipal consideration and responses.

Proposed Asset Management Planning Regulation
AMO and the municipal governments we represent strongly support asset management planning to support council’s decision making. In the past few years, AMO has worked with municipal staff associations to improve asset management planning and increase understanding of its role in the sector. Municipal governments understand that to serve our residents and make the best decisions, we need the best data we can get in the most affordable manner.

Investing In Canada Infrastructure Plan – Phase 2 Negotiations
AMO will work with the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure to provide input on municipal priorities in the design of the Infrastructure Bilateral Agreement. The agreement is the first step in allocating funding and priorities in Ontario. The Province will also have to agree with the federal government on allocation methods, applications, and reporting requirements. AMO will keep members updated on significant developments in the negotiations. Access to funding is anticipated in spring 2018.

New Federal-Provincial Agreement on Child Care and Early Learning Results in More Funding for Ontario
AMO looks forward to working with the Ministry of Education to identify municipal priorities for future phases beyond this initial three year agreement. It is important that the federal government sustain its engagement to support child care and early learning over the long-term.

Province Announces Emergency Services Changes
AMO and others in the paramedic service delivery have no evidence to show improved patient outcomes, yet municipal labour and risk management issues are significant.  If the government proceeds with these pilots, there must be a commitment to conducting a third-party proof of concept evaluation.  AMO will continue to engage the Province about the pilot’s implications and advocate on behalf of municipal governments.

Changing Workplaces Final Report Released
In anticipation of the Changing Workplace Final Report, AMO has established a Task Force of members and HR experts who will assist in considering the province’s formal response (once released) to these recommendations and providing advice to the AMO Board. AMO will continue to keep you updated on this significant employers’ issue.

Several Important Amendments to Bill 68 Achieved
A number of changes are made to the Bill in response to our advice and others. Given the magnitude of changes to the transparency and accountability regime for municipal councils and officials, and local boards, AMO’s Annual Conference will have a plenary session on Wednesday, August 16. AMO remains very concerned about how the integrity regime may affect the many citizens and business people who volunteer to local boards.