Presentations as provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Housing - Ontario West are below. Please note these files are posted as is, and are not fully accessibility compliant. Should you require an accessible copy please contact Marion-Frances Cabral at

7:30 am           Registration and Welcome Breakfast

  • Registration
  • Welcome Breakfast
  • ​Information Fair

8:30 am           Welcoming Remarks

  • Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Housing: Ian Kerr, Regional Director, Municipal Service Office – Western
  • Greetings from the City of London
  • Association of Municipalities of Ontario: Lynn Dollin, President (AMO) & Deputy Mayor, Town of Innisfil

9:00 am          Building Resilience in a Turbulent World:
                       Choices and Pathways for Southern Ontario

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon

The world seems to be changing at blinding speed, with shocks and surprises every day and deep uncertainty about what the future will hold. While the world economy is relatively robust at the moment, its underpinnings seem fragile, and potential routes to crisis abound. Protectionist sentiment is surging in the US, and major international conflict seems more probable than in a generation. Within southern Ontario itself, rapid demographic change, a deepening rural-urban divide, the transition to a post-industrial economy, a shift to a carbon-neutral economy, and the serious and visible impacts of climate change present profound challenges and opportunities.
Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon’s keynote address will identify some of the deep forces driving these trends. As a resident of the region, he’ll use local examples to show what is happening, what we might expect, and how our communities should adjust over the next five to ten years. In a time of rising discord around the world, our greatest strengths—our commitment to fairness, our concern for our fellow citizens’ well-being, our deep reserves of social capital, and our highly educated, productive workforce—should allow us to bridge our political and economic divides and build a prosperous and resilient Ontario for the 21st century

10:00 am         Networking Break and Information Fair

12:30 pm        Lunch and Presentation of Long Standing Service Award

  • Remarks from the Minister of Municipal Affairs
  • Presentation of Long Standing Service Award

1:45 pm          Networking Break

2:00 pm          Plenary Sessions

A) Fostering Indigenous Relationships Within Canada - How Far We Have Come: A View from Walpole Island First Nation

Speaker: Dr. Dean Jacobs, Consultation Manager, Walpole Island First Nation
Walpole Island First Nation is a leader in seeking political and economic self-determination and sovereignty within Canada. This presentation will transform your approach to working with Indigenous communities in building relationships based on trust, respect and commitment. Dr. Jacobs will also address and explore opportunities for partnerships between Indigenous communities and municipalities to advance common goals on shared territories.

B) Communities in Transition: Planning for Slow Growth, No Growth or Decline

Speaker: Dr. Mark Seasons, School of Planning, University of Waterloo

It could be argued that planning for growth – economic and population – is easy. We know how to do that. However, how do we plan for something that many communities in Ontario and across Canada are experiencing: slow growth, no growth or decline? This is a far more complicated planning challenge, and it’s a very sensitive political issue in communities. In this session, we will explore how slow growth, no growth or decline is experienced in communities, the implications for planning practice, and what it all means for the planning culture in this province.

4:00 pm          Closing Remarks