Given the impact the Province has on the affairs of municipal government, the 2018 provincial election is an important decision about the future of our municipalities.

Local services and infrastructure are critical to our quality of life and our economic prosperity. We can’t afford to have them put on the back burner this provincial election. AMO has developed a tool kit of materials to help you in conversations with both local candidates and constituents.

AMO’s theme is “Local Share and Local Say.” Municipal governments own almost two-thirds of all public infrastructure and also have a growing list of responsibilities. Yet we collect less than 10% of each household tax dollar. Municipal governments should have a greater “Local Say” in how services are delivered and paid for, and they should get a greater “Local Share” of revenue.  

The toolkit includes materials you can print off and share in person, or post on social media. Let’s work together to put municipal government needs on the election agenda. Materials include:

A one-page election priorities overview to guide your discussions and use as a leave behind with local candidates. It can also be used/shared with other stakeholders in your community.
  A printable postcard to keep key points handy when you need them and to share with others in your community.
A one-minute video that can be shared on social media.

15-second videos of the same message that can also be shared.

Social media content you can share during the election.

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