Join us for one of two clinics prior to the start of the AMO AGM and Annual Conference.

Date: Sunday, August 19, 2018
Time: 10:00 am to Noon
Location: Westin Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario
Cost: Members $ 145.00  |  Non Members $ 180.00

Please note: You do not have to attend the AMO Conference to attend these clinics.

Social Media Clinic

This is a hands-on, practical social media training workshop that will be available for delegates attending the 2018 AMO Conference. The focus will be on how to create compelling content, manage the risks, and maximize the rewards. It will also cover developing social media policies and plans that reflect current social media and traditional media environments.

Codes of Conduct Clinic

Code of conducts serve a number of purposes. One is to help establish and clearly communicate the sort of behaviors prioritized in your municipal workplace. This 2-hour clinic looks at what your code of conduct must include and what you should have. Bring your current codes to fully participate in this interactive session.