2018 is a provincial and municipal government election year, which brings a different rhythm to AMO’s work – not necessarily less work, just different work.  Both elections will influence our events, advocacy and government relations.

Provincially, it means a big push in early 2018 by the government to complete its agenda and prepare a 2018 budget sometime in the spring.  At the same time, the other parties are already preparing/positioning for the election campaign. With the outcome of the provincial election, parts of the Board's strategic objectives will likely need to be reviewed.

Municipally, most of the recent Municipal Election Act changes will take effect in 2018. The previous two municipal elections resulted in a province-wide change of over 50% of council members, with varying rates of change within each municipal government. Lame duck councils will be identifiable in July. Timely election results lets us identify what the changes mean for our outreach to new councils.

1 LAS is a separate corporation that undertakes bulk procurement and pooled investment services – saving municipal governments money and building capacity and opportunity