2020 AMO Conference identifier

Moving to a Virtual Conference in 2020

Q. Why did AMO make the decision to move to a virtual conference and not just cancel or postpone the conference?

A.  Given the unpredictable times and the important role of municipalities in managing the pandemic and recovery, AMO staff and the AMO Board understood that coming together as leaders and decision makers was more important than ever.  AMO understands it is necessary for members to engage in conversations with experts, peers and provincial leaders at this very difficult time. Recovery from COVID-19 requires everyone to come together and an AMO Conference is an important way to support that work.

Q. The AMO Annual Conference is a very large event where many important conversations take place. How can a virtual conference replicate this experience?

A. A virtual conference will be different in many ways. Similar to how we have all adjusted to physical distancing and working remotely at the moment, we are all still accomplishing a great deal. In fact, in some ways we are doing more, reaching more people and faster. We expect that all of the important conversations you have always looked forward to, will still happen, just differently. In fact, we hope that more people from different jurisdictions and sectors will participate, opening the conversations in new and broader ways.

AMO staff is working hard to get the right platform to ensure the experience will be exciting and productive.

Q. When will the additional program details be available?

A. The decision to proceed with a virtual conference will allow us to move forward with detailed program development.  We will provide regular program updates in the weeks ahead and we will ensure full program details are provided in advance of the July 6th deadline for cancellation to ensure you can make a well-informed decision about your participation.

Travel and Accommodations

Q. How do I receive a refund for my hotel accommodations?

A. If you booked your accommodations at any of the hotels in the AMO hotel block, you will receive a notice that your reservation has been automatically canceled and refunded if a deposit was taken. You do not need to take any further action.

Q. How do I obtain a refund for my transportation?

A. If you booked a flight, you will need to contact the airline directly to request a refund, credit, or waive fees for your flight.

The Virtual Conference-How Does it Work?

Q. I am not very tech savvy. Is it complicated to participate in a virtual conference?

A. Prior to COVID-19, many of us had never participated in virtual meetings or even heard of ZOOM! Like many new apps and websites, after a few clicks and a few tries, it will be simple to join or leave sessions as you please.

Q. What do I need to access the virtual conference?

A. You will require access to either a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone with either an internet connection or data plan.

Q.   How will I access the virtual conference?

A. Registered delegates will receive a link via the email address they provided when registering for the conference.  Detailed information will be provided in advance, and AMO will be available to assist you in ensuring you are prepared.

Q. I’m excited about a virtual conference, but a little anxious about how it will work.

A. You are not alone!  We are going to host an orientation session for all registered delegates before the conference begins. We will walk you through a demo, showing you how to access all areas of the conference, and what to expect.  Watch your email for further information.

Conference Components

Q. How will the AMO Board elections work for the 2020-2022 term?

A. Consistent with AMO’s by-laws, registered conference delegates will be able to vote for candidates who fulfill the requirements of the nomination process. Registered delegates will be able to vote electronically, and a new Board will be confirmed during the conference as usual. The details of the voting process will follow. A request for nominations was issued on April 28th.  The nominations report will be distributed on schedule in July and will be presented at the AGM. Candidates will have opportunities to share campaign materials and to make speeches.

Q. How will the AGM work?

The AGM will be an interactive session during the conference proceedings, as is the case with an in-person conference.  Registered delegates will be present virtually and will be able to participate in the AGM process. Normal AGM business will be conducted.

Q. Will there still be delegation meetings with Ministers?

A. Yes – these are an important aspect of the AMO Conference. Delegation meetings will be held at the conference as in all previous years. You must register for a meeting by June 30, 2020. You can find information in this link.

Q. Will I still be able to ask my question during a Ministers’ Forum?

A. Yes. Just as always, there will be an opportunity for delegates to ask questions.

Q. How will I access the breakout sessions?

A. Each session will be hosted live once through a separate webinar accessible only to registered delegates. Each live session will be recorded for on-demand access later - which means you can actually access all breakout sessions - not just the ones you attend live.

Q. I always make great connections in the trade show – will I still get to network with exhibitors?

A. Yes – we will host a virtual trade show whereby you can access materials, chat directly with exhibitors, or even join conversations.