Nannies on Call





Are you looking for child minding services while you attend AMO 2022? AMO has sourced an in-hotel babysitting service provided by Nannies on Call.

Nannies on Call provides professional, pre-screened nannies for baby sitting. This service can be provided in-hotel or at home for the cost of an annual subscription and hourly fees.

What is Nannies on Call?

Nannies on Call is a membership-based service that provides access to an expertly pre-screened pool of nannies. This service is a national service and available to you in certain areas. Nannies on Call is a convenient resource, perfect for when you travel, or any other time while at home.

How does Nannies on Call Work?

As a membership organization, you will need to purchase a Nannies on Call subscription on a monthly, 3 month or annual basis. This subscription can be cancelled at any time.  However, subscriptions are non-refundable once purchased.

Nanny availability varies and cannot always be guaranteed. Nannies are also available based on their level of expertise. See the fee information below.

If you are interested in this service while at AMO 2022 we suggest booking early.


Subscription includes unlimited babysitting appointments and gives you access to a pool of pre-screened Nannies during the membership period purchased. The membership options are:
•    $99 monthly
•    $247 3-month 
•    $797 annually 

Hourly rates are based on the nannies’ experience:
•    Experienced - $21/hr
•    Pro - $22/hr
•    Elite - $24/hr
•    Nanny’s base hourly rate covers care of up to 3 siblings for up to 8 hours of work.
•    Each appointment is a minimum of 4 consecutive hours. If you decide to keep a nanny for fewer than 4 hours, you’ll still need to pay them for 4 hours.
•    The Nanny will round up time worked to the nearest quarter-hour.

For more information visit Nannies on Call

AMO is providing this information as a resource only. AMO does not guarantee or bear any responsibility for services rendered.