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Travelling by air or rail...AMO has the following options available with Air Canada and VIA Rail to help you get there.

Take the time to read the details below to ensure a smooth trip to Ottawa.


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To book a flight with your promotion code, access and enter your promotion code in the Promotion Code Box.

Email to receive your Promotion Code. Please send a copy of your registration confirmation with the email.


Applicable Rules

  • The booking is to be made to the following city: Ottawa, YOW (ON)
  • The travel period begins Sunday, August 07, 2022 and ends Wednesday, August 24, 2022. 
  • Travel is valid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 
  • For North America  5% applies on standard fares, 10% on flex fares & higher. For International Travel  10% on standard fares & higher.

Eligible Tickets

A ticket is eligible for the discount provided it has been purchased on, and provided the Promotion Code has been applied at time of purchase. Any ticket not purchased on for the purposes of travel to an Event will not qualify for any benefits provided by the Meetings and Conventions Product. A ticket purchased on but for which the applicable Promotion Code was not entered or was entered incorrectly will not be eligible for the Discount.


The Discount is applied to the fare at the time that the travel ticket with Air Canada is purchased. The Discount and the fare are subject to all applicable taxes and surcharges.

Eligible Routes 

Only bookings made to the designated convention city are eligible for the Discount. Bookings originating in the convention city are not eligible.


The Discounts, the Meetings and Events Travel Services, these Terms and Conditions, Air Canada's fares, schedules and policies, and any and all equipment used in connection with the provision of the Meetings and Events Travel Services may be changed or terminated by Air Canada at any time and for any reason, in each case without notice or liability. Air Canada may terminate or reduce flights to any Event city at any time and for any reason without notice or liability.

Indemnification and Liability 

Air Canada will not be liable for delays or cancellations caused by strikes, labor disputes, government actions, weather, or any cause beyond Air Canada's control.

Force Majeure

Air Canada will not be responsible for delays in performance caused by acts of God or governmental authority, strikes or labour disputes, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Air Canada.

Additional Information

Air Canada will not be held liable for delays or cancellations caused by strikes, labor disputes, government actions, weather or any cause beyond Air Canadas control, including without limitation cancellations in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, any other plague, epidemic, pandemic, natural disaster or extreme natural event, as well as cancellations in compliance with governmental order, guidelines or any other regulatory action. Air Canada reserves the right to change equipment or schedules. Each passenger in the group and the agency hereby releases and waives any claims against Air Canada regarding cancellation or schedule changes. All currencies quoted in this contract are in Canadian dollars for contracts issues for Canadian customers and agencies and in US dollars for contracts issued for U.S. customers and agencies. Except as provided herein, transportation under the present contract is subject to Air Canada's applicable conditions of carriage, tariff rules and international conventions.

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to any other terms and conditions included on the website.



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August 11th  2022  to  August 19th  2022.


From all stations throughout the VIA system to Ottawa, Ontario and return.


  • Fare applies to a maximum of two passengers per booking. 
  • One complimentary stopover is allowed at no additional charge.
  • For travel on all fare plans in Business class, the first stopover is allowed at no additional charge, provided that this stopover takes place in Toronto, Montréal or Ottawa only.


10% off the best available fare in Economy, Economy Plus, Business, Business Plus, Sleeper class. "Subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare plan to which the additional discount is being applied."


Discount does not apply in any Escape fares and Prestige Class.


Participants must reference the event’s VIA convention discount code.

Email to receive your Discount Code. Please send a copy of your registration confirmation with the email.