Wanted: Clear and Fair Long-Term Energy Policy, an AMO Backgrounder for the Ontario Provincial Election 2011.
Energy policies have far-reaching impact on the local economy, climate change, and the protection of the natural environment. As such, Ontario’s municipalities have a significant interest in planning for our future energy needs.

AMO believes that long-term energy planning must include early and consistent consultation with affected municipalities. Seeking local input on energy policies and major investments can help build support and often results in better solutions to issues facing our energy system.

AMO’s position is that long-term energy planning should:

  • Include a fully transparent life cycle cost analysis so Ontarians can see the costs and benefits of planned investments as well as how projects fit together.
  • Put conservation first and foremost, with a focus on municipal opportunities.
  • Include a broad portfolio of supply options that focuses on reduced greenhouse gases.
  • Rely on the best available technology for new generation and make use of all available energy types including thermal energy.
  • Fully address the potential safety issues related to the transport and disposal of nuclear waste.
  • Contain a commitment to transition to cleaner fuel sources.
  • Examine biomass opportunities because “Grown-in-Ontario” biomass can provide significant benefits to our electrical system, economy and environment.
  • Recognize how municipal ownership of renewable energy generation reduces the need to transmit power long distances, creates local jobs, and contributes to a stable energy system.
  • Support the deployment of district energy systems in a way that supports both local community energy needs and the broader goal of greener, cleaner and smarter systems to deliver energy.
  • Fully integrate distribution level investments associated with smart grid and renewable connections with larger scale transmission investments and overall system planning.
  • Make connecting remote and First Nations communities to the grid a priority.
  • Commit to sitting down with all community leaders that will host any new major transmission project to ensure the most efficient and acceptable siting.