August 2018
In Ontario, the Province guides land use planning through several pieces of legislation, including the Planning Act, and provincial plans like the Greenbelt Plan and the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario.

Municipal governments have the primary authority for land use planning. Municipal planning needs to balance two important priorities: it must be consistent with province-wide objectives, and reflect local input and priorities. At times, finding the balance can be difficult and costly.
  • AMO looks to the Province to ensure the policy priorities are clear so that municipal planning amendments can withstand challenges at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal
  • There is potential for streamlining processes but this requires upfront revisions of planning processes and documents that will take some time. Some smaller municipalities may find these changes are not required.
  • Local planning policies must be respected where federal or provincial projects are proposed. There should not be a jurisdictional gap.
  • Should the Province eliminate the Green Energy Act, the Province should retain responsibility for existing structures, including through to decommissioning.
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