AMO President Russ Powers will speak to municipal infrastructure needs at the Council of the Federation’s Building Canada Up Summit.

President Russ Powers will bring a key municipal voice to tomorrow’s Building Canada Up Infrastructure Summit in Toronto. The Summit will gather feedback from leading industry, government, and non-governmental experts on infrastructure. It will be hosted by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who leads the Canadian premiers’ Council of Federation working group on the issue. President Powers’ messages to the Premiers will be on the infrastructure funding and management challenges important to AMO members such as:

  • the importance of municipal infrastructure, from roads and bridges to libraries and community centres, for building vibrant local, provincial, and national economies;
  • the need for predictable, stable, and permanent provincial and federal funding to close the municipal infrastructure gap;
  • the importance of affordable housing for economic development; and
  • appropriateness of private sector involvement in municipal infrastructure projects.
The summit will focus on key questions, such as the economic return on infrastructure investments, what types of investments support economic growth, and how the federal government can contribute to support Canada’s global competitiveness. It will also look at the role of private sector partnership in infrastructure. The ideas discussed at the Building Canada Up summit will help to inform the Premiers at their meeting in Charlottetown later this summer and in their future infrastructure decisions and policies. For more information, members are encouraged to visit the Council of the Federation web site.