August 19 - 22 | Ottawa  


August 18 - 21 | Ottawa
  • Trade Show: Contact events@amo.on.ca to get on the list.
  • Sponsorship: Contact LRuder@amo.on.ca for details.
  • Presentation Ideas: Send a one paragraph abstract on your presentation to events@amo.on.ca
  • Hotel Bookings: The AMO block of hotel rooms will open up in January, 2019. Full details including links, call in numbers and rates will be posted in late October.

Alert symbolIn the past few years a number of delegates, exhibitors and sponsors have been approached by companies saying they have access to rooms at AMO's blocked hotels. For peace of mind and the guarantee of receiving a hotel room at AMO rates and with a hotel approved cancellation policy we encourage all Conference participants to book your guest rooms using the links provided on the Guest Room Booking Policy page. Should you choose to use alternate sites such as Expedia, Hotels.com or National Travel Associates we cannot guarantee your reservation or assist with troubleshooting your booking.