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Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, eSCRIBE is a leading provider of cloud-based meeting management solutions, and the go-to-choice for public sector boards, committees and councils.

More than simple agendas and minutes; eSCRIBE supports each step of the meeting lifecycle with modular, comprehensive tools and workflow for staff, meeting participants and the public.
Easy-Start Bundles
(pre-selected modules to address specific concern)
À-la-carte Modules
(add-ons as your needs evolve)
Compliant with accessibility requirements, such as AODA, WCAG 2.0, eSCRIBE aims to improve transparency and reduce the resources required to support meetings, so staff can focus on higher-value tasks and projects to better serve their stakeholders. A comprehensive, paperless solution, eSCRIBE also seamlessly integrates with Office365 – it’s Meetings, Evolved.

In January 2019, AMO announced its partnership with eSCRIBE, AMO’s preferred provider of cloud-based, paperless meeting management and livestreaming solutions.


escribe lite logo eSCRIBE Lite - Digital Transformation Bundle for Small Communities and School Boards
Specifically designed for smaller councils and committees, Lite’s prepackaged meeting management tools allows municipalities and districts to move from paper-based processes to fully digital meetings for administrators and staff, elected members, and the public.

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