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Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, eSCRIBE is a leading provider of cloud-based meeting management solutions, and the go-to-choice for public sector boards, committees and councils.

More than simple agendas and minutes; eSCRIBE supports each step of the meeting lifecycle with modular, comprehensive tools and workflow for staff, meeting participants and the public.

Easy-Start Bundles (pre-selected modules to address specific concern) À-la-carte Modules (add-ons as your needs evolve) Compliant with accessibility requirements, such as AODA, WCAG 2.0, eSCRIBE aims to improve transparency and reduce the resources required to support meetings, so staff can focus on higher-value tasks and projects to better serve their stakeholders.

A comprehensive, paperless solution, eSCRIBE also seamlessly integrates with Office365 – it’s Meetings, Evolved.

In January 2019, AMO announced its partnership with eSCRIBE, AMO’s preferred provider of cloud-based, paperless meeting management and livestreaming solutions.


Digital Transformation #OnMuni Online: Towards Digital Transformation and Opportunities for Ontario’s Municipal Governments, August 22, 2017
Digital transformation is occurring in the municipal sector at a rapid pace. Municipal governments are responding to emerging technologies and disruption by implementing digital approaches to operations and service delivery. #OnMuni Online provides municipal perspectives on how to achieve effective and efficient digital transformation.



escribe lite logo eSCRIBE Lite - Digital Transformation Bundle for Small Communities and School Boards
Specifically designed for smaller councils and committees, Lite’s prepackaged meeting management tools allows municipalities and districts to move from paper-based processes to fully digital meetings for administrators and staff, elected members, and the public.


eSCRIBE logo Virtual Municipal Council Meetings - A Digital Meeting Management Solution. March 24, 2020
Last week’s amendments to the Municipal Act, 2001 and the City of Toronto Act, 2006 now permit members of councils, local boards and committees at quorum to participate in open and closed meetings electronically during either a municipal or a provincial emergency. This will ensure that the ongoing business of municipal governments can continue without the need to meet in person, particularly given the requirements of social distancing to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  Digital Transformation: Why, When and Where to Start - eSCRIBE Blog Posting
Moving processes and information to the digital realm provides a critical foundation for transforming the way organizations conduct their day-to-day business and how they interact with the outside world. In particular, digital transformation is key to achieving three goals shared by almost every public sector entity: raising transparency, complying with accessibility legislation and improving operational efficiency.
  eSCRIBE Customer Success Stories
Learn how other Ontario municipalities have taken advantage of the eSCRIBE technology to save resources and time with their meetings. Find out how they made the decision to reduce reliance on paper and manual processes.
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Key Considerations for Public Sector Webcasting image
White Paper - Key Considerations for Public Sector Webcasting
Video streaming has become an indispensable tool for public sector organizations striving to improve the transparency of their meetings, but selecting which streaming service to use amongst a diverse range of providers and solutions can be extremely challenging. Users need to decipher which features are most relevant to their particular needs, and determine which service provider can best help them achieve their immediate and future goals without requiring too much technical knowledge and effort. The paper describes 13 key attributes you should consider when selecting a video streaming service for your transparency initiatives.
Taking Electronic Voting to the Next Level image White Paper - Taking Electronic Voting to the Next Level with Meeting Management
Recognizing the evident inefficiency of manual voting, many organizations are opting to switch to electronic voting methods. However, when making such a switch, it is important to remember that not all electronic alternatives offer equal functionality, management options, and transparency. The paper outlines the advantages, for both councilors and citizens, of adopting integrated meeting management voting over standalone devices.

AMO logo AMO WatchFile Guest Column: Digitally Transforming the Municipal Meeting Lifecycle - February 7, 2019
Municipalities are implementing digital meeting management solutions so they can be more efficient, accessible, and transparent. That’s why AMO recently partnered with eSCRIBE, our preferred partner for digital meeting management and livestreaming solutions. Learn more about eSCRIBE in this column by Robert Treumann, President & CEO.
  News Release: AMO Partners with Meeting Management & Livestreaming Provider eSCRIBE - January 30, 2019
Blog image The LAS Blog
We've been blogging! Be and stay in the know on all of our service and product offerings and how they can help your municipality, including digital meeting management and livestreaming solutions.


Remote Electronic Meetings March 25, 2020
Amendments to the Municipal Act and the City of Toronto Act now permit councils, council committees, and local boards to meet virtually during either a municipal or provincial emergency. Learn how AMO’s digital meeting management partner, eSCRIBE, can help your municipality implement electronic meetings so that elected officials and staff can meet virtually and interact through the platform.

Introduction to eSCRIBE Lite: A Digital Meeting Management Solution for Small Municipalities. March 5, 2020
Learn more how eSCRIBE Lite can help smaller municipalities unlock efficiencies and help digitally transform public meetings.

Meeting Management with Integrated Digital Signatures. July 8, 2019
AMO encourages partners to work together where possible to integrate technologies to make processes more seamless for users. To that end, AMO is pleased to announce that Notarius and eSCRIBE have partnered to help create greater levels of assurance for municipal users across Ontario. Users can trust that the Notarius digital and electronic signature platform integrated with eSCRIBE’s meeting management platform will greatly improve the management of all documents in eSCRIBE’s Cloud-based solution.

AMO eSCRIBE Partnership image
AMO-eSCRIBE Partnership - An Introduction. February 13, 2019
AMO and eSCRIBE introduce the partnership and highlight the digital meeting management and livestreaming solutions available to members. By implementing eSCRIBE technologies members can meet their requirements for open public meetings, comply with accessibility standards, and unlock efficiencies in timesavings while reducing paper costs in printing, shipping, and storage of meeting materials. Please email Fiona Tsang to request access to this webinar.

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