Over its rich history, volunteer assistance has been a long standing tradition at AMO.  Municipal elected and staff volunteers have the opportunity to serve on AMO Task Forces.

AMO’s Task Forces are an important component to the Association’s policy development program.  These meetings provide valuable municipal insight and added experience that is essential to the development of good policy.  Task Force members convene to discuss and make recommendations for consideration by the AMO’s Board of Directors or Executive Committee in order to gauge and advance municipal concerns in response to a provincial or federal initiative.  Task Force members also have the unique opportunity to meet with people that represent other interest groups and other orders of government.   

Volunteers have had the opportunity to serve on some of the following Task Forces:

  • Affordable Housing and Homelessness
  • Climate Change
  • Long Term Care and Age Friendly Communities
  • Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program
  • Police Modernization
  • Waste Management

Contact us for information on other AMO Committees and Task Forces.

Any individual interested in applying for a specific Task Force must be knowledgeable and have considerable breadth of insight within the area concerned. They must have the support of their respective councils and be able to offer a wide range of input on the issues from a municipal perspective.

  • NOTE: Applicants must be either elected officials or staff from AMO member municipalities

Meetings that are held with the Task Force will be of a limited duration and deal with specific issues relative to that group’s specified area of expertise. AMO does not reimburse travel or accommodation costs for the Task Force meetings.  AMO enforces a mandatory attendance policy.  If a volunteer is absent after missing three meetings, the position will be considered vacated and another volunteer will be given the opportunity to participate.

AMO gratefully thanks all Task Force members who volunteered their time and expertise to the issues that arose during the year.  We hope that you will continue to support the Task Forces as we tackle the issues that concern Ontario’s municipalities.

AMO is frequently asked by other groups and levels of government to put forward municipal names to represent the Association on project committees. These AMO appointees provide advice and feedback and report to the AMO Board.

Volunteer Form

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TF 1.877.426.6527
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