Main Street Revitalization

The Ontario government is investing $26 million to support and grow small business through the Main Street Revitalization Initiative. The fund has been designed to support small businesses within main street areas by providing funds to municipalities to implement local Community Improvement Plans and/or encourage strategic public investments in municipal and other public infrastructure within main street areas.

Guide to the Municipal Funding Agreement

Main Street Revitalization Initiative - Annual Report Template
Main Street Revitalization Initiative - Reporting Guide
Municipal Funding Allocations 
OMAFRA-AMO Agreement Transfer Payment Agreement 
Template Municipal Funding Agreement 

Funding for Ontario's Main Streets

Ontario's Main Streets are at the heart of our communities and local economies. AMO is proud to deliver the Ontario Government's Main Street Revitalization Initiative directly to municipal governments.

Program Administration – OMAFRA-AMO Partnership

Main Street Revitalization funding is transferred from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) for delivery to single-tier and lower-tier municipalities (excluding the City of Toronto). AMO transfers funding directly to eligible municipalities using an allocation formula developed by OMAFRA. Municipalities identify and approve projects.

Project Eligibility

Note: Municipalities should review the Municipal Funding Agreement for full information on project eligibility.

Municipalities may use funding to implement financial incentives programs in Community Improvement Plans. Financial incentives programs provide municipal grants or loans to property owners or small businesses to improve a designated area within a municipality. Financial incentives are provided for priorities such as façade improvements, signage, accessibility upgrades, community energy efficiency, etc.

Municipalities may also use funding for public infrastructure that will improve the success of small business, including local tourism. Municipalities may choose to use this funding for downtown streetscaping projects, such as: sidewalk or parking improvements and new street furniture; installation of new signage and banners to improve wayfinding; and improvements to parks and recreation facilities.

Main Streets Program
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