Municipal Workforce Development

Employee recruitment and retention is a major concern for municipal governments; municipal employees from a variety of professions and fields help to build and maintain local infrastructure and deliver local services that Ontarians rely on every day.

A large cohort of municipal employees are eligible to retire over the next decade, and Ontario’s municipalities are facing an impending leadership, knowledge, and skills gap. Also, municipal employers must compete with other employers to attract and retain skilled and talented people to their workforce. The labour market is rapidly changing - municipalities must consider demographic changes, compensation and benefits, changing work expectations such as hybrid work arrangements, evolving municipal mandates, and the future of technology.

Project Overview

  • AMO has initiated a multi-year Workforce Development Project that will engage Ontario’s municipal employers and employees, municipal staff associations, and post-secondary sector partners in a workforce planning initiative that will help to retain and develop our current workforce and attract the next generation of community builders for careers in the municipal sector.
  • The Workforce Development Project will develop resources and initiatives to help municipal employers with employee recruitment and retention and demonstrate that Ontario’s municipal sector is a good place to work, build a career, and contribute to Ontario’s communities.
  • The Project is guided by a Project Charter and an Advisory Group comprised of senior municipal administrators, partner municipal associations, and post-secondary sector associations who have deep knowledge and experience of the challenges facing municipal employers and the opportunities related to employee recruitment and retention.

Municipal Employee Survey

As part of the Municipal Workforce Development Initiative, AMO sought feedback via survey from current municipal staff to understand what attracted staff to the municipality, what they enjoy about their work, and how municipal employers can enhance the employee experience moving forward. Nearly 2,400 municipal employees in Ontario voluntarily filled out the survey between November 3-24, 2023.

Municipal Employee Survey Results Municipal Employee Survey Results ​​Municipal Employee Survey Results ​​Municipal Employee Survey Results

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AMO is currently engaged in the research and consultation phase of this project. Additional resources will be developed and shared in later phases of this project.

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