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AMO Releases Conservation Authority Fact Sheets for Municipalities

Resource October 26, 2021

The recently proclaimed Subsections of the Conservation Authorities Act have enacted many changes that affect the relationship between municipal governments and conservation authorities (CAs) for the provision of programs and services.

While these changes need to be in place by January 1, 2024, the first deadline is fast approaching (December 31, 2021). That is why AMO has prepared five Fact Sheets that explain these changes. We encourage municipal Councils that have a CA(s) within their jurisdiction to carefully review the following:

  1. Fact Sheet #1: Overview of Changes to Conservation Authorities
  2. Fact Sheet #2: Transition Plan and Timelines
  3. Fact Sheet #3: Mandatory Programs and Services
  4. Fact Sheet #4:Municipal Programs & Services (Category 2)
  5. Fact Sheet #5: Other Conservation Authorities Programs & Services (Category 3)


Amber Crawford
Senior Advisor