Image of first Nations and Treaties map Source: Government of Ontario

Municipal - Indigenous Relations in Ontario 101 & 201 Presentations

Video/Podcast November 30, 2018

AMO, in partnership with AMCTO, hosted 2 free webinar on September 20, 2018 and November 28, 2018 for municipal officials and staff on “Indigenous People in Ontario.” The webinars provide municipal representatives with an introductory overview of Ontario’s Indigenous people and issues affecting municipal-Indigenous relations on the ground.

The 101 webinar on September 20, 2018 includes information on:

  • Indigenous People in Ontario
  • Traditional and Treaty Territories
  • Land Claims
  • Key Indigenous Organizations
  • Provincial/Federal/Other Resources
  • Tips for Advancing Municipal-Indigenous Relations
  • Stay tuned for AMO’s upcoming Municipal-Indigenous Relations 201 Webinar focused on more complex policy issues of impact to municipal governments.


The 201 webinar on November 28, 2018 provided participants information on:

  • Context for Action and Activities
  • Municipal Responsibilities, Role and Interests
  • Aboriginal and Treaty Rights
    • Including the municipal role in the Crown’s Duty to Consult; and
    • Treaty Implementation
  • Provincial/Federal/Other Resources