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Municipal Code of Conduct Consultation Launched

Policy Update April 14, 2021

As anticipated, the Ontario government has now launched a 90-day consultation to obtain broad feedback on strengthening municipal codes of conduct. AMO is supportive of this public consultation as it will help to make sure that the municipal codes of conduct continue to evolve appropriately.

“Municipal councils are looking for new tools and new measures to address modern challenges in local government”, said AMO President Graydon Smith. “Where there are serious code of conduct violations, municipal councils need the authority to take actions that are measured, appropriate and effective”.

As part of this consultation, the Province is including collecting feedback on AMO Board of Directors' recommendations for holding municipal councillors accountable, including increased financial penalties, suspension for certain violations, removal from office in certain circumstances, and better training and standards for integrity commissioners. The AMO Board of Directors provided these recommendations for the Province’s consideration earlier this year.

AMO’s recommendations aim to strengthen existing tools for compliance with Codes of Conduct and provide additional tools for municipal governments to use in defined circumstances.  In providing their input, AMO’s Board expressed confidence in Codes of Conduct and the offices of Municipal Integrity Commissioners as important resources to help councils maintain public accountability.

Comments to the provincial consultation should be provided through the online survey by July 15, 2021. Anyone, including members of the public and municipal elected leaders, can participate in the online survey to provide feedback. Municipal councils are encouraged to provide official feedback through the online survey.

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