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New COVID-19 Ontario Regs, Ontario Gas Tax for Transit Allocations, Ontario Heritage Act Amendments, & Firefighter Training Changes

Policy Update January 14, 2021

New COVID-19 Ontario Regulations under ROA and EMCPA

  • Ontario regulation 10/21 under Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020
    • Amending O. Reg. 82/20 RULES FOR AREAS IN STAGE 1                                  Filed: January 13, 2021
  • Ontario regulation 11/21 under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act
    • O. Reg. 11/21 STAY-AT-HOME ORDER                                                                   Filed: January 13, 2021           
  • Ontario regulation 12/21 made under the Provincial Offences Act
    • Amending Reg. 950 of R.R.O. 1990                                                                       Filed: January 13, 2021
  • Ontario regulation 13/21 made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act
    • O. Reg. 13/21 RESIDENTIAL EVICTIONS                                                               Filed: January 13, 2021

The Ontario government has issued an emergency order through the above regulation to temporarily pause the enforcement of residential evictions to make sure that people are not forced to leave their homes during this provincial declaration of emergency and while the stay-at-home-order is in force.

A full list of emergency orders under the EMPCA as well as orders under the ROA can be found on the e-Laws website.

Ontario Gas Tax for Transit Allocations Announced

The Honourable Caroline Mulroney announced the 2020-21 Ontario Gas Tax funding allocations to support Ontario municipal transit systems. The Province will provide $375 million to 109 municipalities as soon as possible in 2021. This funding is in addition to Safe Restart Agreement funding for transit systems and other supports.

The Ontario Gas Tax provides 2 cents/litre of fuel from provincial revenue to fund municipal transit capital and operations across the province. Funding from the Ontario Gas Tax is critical to supporting municipal transit systems in Ontario, especially as they work to adapt to challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

See AMO’s Ontario Dedicated Gas Tax Funds for Public Transportation Program Review and the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund on the evolution of the Ontario Gas Tax, Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF), and other critical infrastructure programs for more details on the importance of the suite of provincial supports to municipal governments.

Update on Ontario Heritage Act Amendments

A proposed regulation under the Ontario Heritage Act and the legislative amendments made through the More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019, were due to come into force on January 1, 2021.

In response to municipal requests, due to ongoing pandemic considerations which have limited the ability to prepare to implement these changes, the proclamation of the amendments and the regulation have been delayed. No new proclamation date has been announced.

The Ministry will be posting drafts of the updated Ontario Heritage Tool Kit guide for public consultation at a later date and will communicate further on a proposed proclamation date.  Should you have questions the Ministry recommends you contact your regular Ministry contacts or send an email to and the appropriate staff person will respond.

Firefighter Training Changes

Yesterday, the Province announced it is expanding firefighter training opportunities across the province, and modernizing the program to bring fire training closer to home. The Ontario Fire College, which has not hosted on-site training since the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, will be decommissioned and replaced with 20 regional training centres to deliver on-site and online fire safety training in communities where firefighters serve. The Office of the Fire Marshal is also investing in two mobile units that will bring live fire training to local fire services.

The shift to local training opportunities is expected to increase capacity for training and reduce the need for municipal fire departments to pay for travel and costs related to overtime and shift backfills.

AMO’s COVID-19 Resources page is being updated continually so you can find critical information in one place. Please send any of your municipally related pandemic questions to