Ending Homelessness Symposium

Homelessness has reached disastrous proportions in Ontario, with devastating impacts on people, communities and businesses across the province. Homelessness is a challenge felt most by local governments because of policy choices of successive provincial governments. 

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) understands that action is required and held an Ending Homelessness Symposium May 3-4, 2023. 

AMO’s Ending Homelessness Symposium offered perspectives on the root causes of homelessness – including income insecurity, insufficient supply of deeply affordable housing, insufficient responses to mental health and addictions challenges and the policy responses required.  Governments, community and healthcare partners, and the private sector all have a role to play.

This was an important opportunity to understand experiences from across the province, sharing ideas with peers and building coordinated and strategically aligned solutions.   

For questions contact: events@amo.on.ca