Navigating Conflict Relationships as an Elected Official

This training is an opportunity to gain skills in building collaborative relationships and negotiating difficult ones in your role as an elected municipal official.

Elected officials run for municipal office for a variety of reasons which include providing leadership, stewardship and improving their local communities.  

However municipal life is very much a people-oriented business, meaning elected representatives must engage in and build a wide variety of relationships with constituents, municipal staff, other elected officials, other orders of government and community organizations to name a few.

Not all relationships are smooth sailing and conflicts are inevitable. Sometimes the waters become choppy especially when navigating challenging relationships and conflict situations.

Having conflict-free and collaborative relationships can play a significant role in helping locally elected officials carry out their collective responsibilities as decision-makers of their communities.

During this 2-part virtual, interactive workshop, we will explore the constructs, traps and pitfalls of conflict relationships, why relationships may go wrong and how to approach, plan and execute relationships successfully using practical tips, tools and real-world examples.

Who Should Attend?
Locally elected municipal representatives.

Learning Objectives:

  • The typical patterns of behaviour that give rise to creating “conflict traps” and how to escape from them.
  • The secrets of neuroscience and how this knowledge can give us a heads-up on what we should do in the moment.
  • Understanding conflict styles and how these can create obstacles or pave the way toward collaboration.
  • The importance of moving from a position-based to an interest-based approach in order to create a win-win, value-add relationship.
  • The roles of empathy and assertiveness is relationship formation.
  • Learning effective and practical communication tools which include:
    • Avoiding communication blockers
    • First words to use
    • The difference between Acknowledging vs. Agreeing
    • A simple yet powerful 4-step technique to assist in having better and more collaborative conversations.


  • Registration Fee: $200 + HST
  • Limited to 20 participants (First come, first served)
  • **A cancellation fee of $75 applies**


This is a two day workshop running from 10:00am -12:30pm each day.

October 18 - 19, 2023 



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   Session Facilitator: Sharad Kerur Photo of Sharad Kerur