The planned development of a government-wide seniors strategy (the “strategy”) announced in the 2019 Ontario Budget, provides an opportunity to improve the lives of our seniors, improve their connections within their communities, and ensure that senior residents remain healthy, safe, and active members of the society.

AMO is supportive of the provincial government’s commitment to establish a strategy to address the needs of the aging residents within our communities. The conversation about Ontario’s aging population began years ago, and a range of policy frameworks, guidelines, and initiatives have been put in practice. While these have been good first steps, new challenges have emerged indicating that it is now necessary to review the overall capacity and demand for services, and address the issues facing seniors.

In this submission, Strengthening Age-Friendly Communities and Seniors Services in Ontario: Response to the Provincial Consultation on Ontario’s Seniors Strategy, AMO is offering recommendations for the government to consider in their government-wide seniors strategy. This document aims to further the dialogue on the municipal role and interest in facilitating age-friendly communities and providing services to seniors. It highlights both challenges and opportunities for improving service provision.


Michael Jacek
Senior Advisor