Our Impact

AMO works to make municipal governments stronger and more effective. Through AMO, Ontario’s 444 municipalities work together to achieve shared goals and meet common challenges.

Through our policy development, cost-saving programs, conferences and training opportunities, AMO provides municipal officials with tools to succeed, and programs to help maximize taxpayer dollars.

Annual Report

The Report includes messages from the AMO President and the Secretary-Treasurer, the Executive Director’s Report, along with information on the activities of the Association during the year, and the audited financial statements.


The Association of Municipalities of Ontario was created through the merger and reconstitution of the Ontario Municipal Association and the Ontario Association of Mayors and Reeves on June 22, 1972.

Memorandum of Understanding

On December 19, 2001, AMO signed the groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Ontario – a formal recognition of the principle of consultation between the Province and Ontario’s municipal governments.

Strategic Objectives

AMO's strategic objectives have 4 themes: Positioning municipal interests; Stronger relationships and partnerships to benefit members; Building member capacity, and Building Internal Organizational Capacity