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A Call for Provincial Action on Property Assessments

Policy Update January 16, 2023

Property assessments are typically updated every four years. This process was paused during the height of the pandemic to help municipal governments focus on responding to COVID-19. 

Through recent correspondence and engagement with the Ministry of Finance, AMO has expressed very strong support for a timely return to the assessment cycle.  

The province's latest economic statement was silent on the assessment cycle, leaving the sector eager to understand the government’s intentions regarding the 2024 tax year and beyond.  

With the ROMA conference now just over a week away, AMO continues to call on the government for urgent action. We encourage members to re-iterate the following messages to their local MPPs and during discussions with the province at ROMA: 

  • Municipal governments recognize how important it was to pause the planned 2020 reassessment during the height of the pandemic.   

  • Municipalities are now eager to hear that the government will authorize the reassessment without further delay and in time for the 2024 tax year.  

  • Municipalities and property taxpayers understand the necessity of a modern, up-to-date, and reliable assessment system. 

  • The system provides stability and predictability for municipalities and for residential and commercial property taxpayers. 

  • A well-functioning, up-to-date assessment system is the foundation of the municipal tax system that supports strong, vibrant, and growing communities. 


Bridget Cherry
Senior Advisor