AMO’s advocacy focuses on ensuring that provincial policies and programs respect municipal authority.

AMO develops a variety of advocacy positions on all matters that impact Ontario’s municipalities. These positions are in the form of backgrounders, policy updates, reports and submissions and more to inform our membership of current issues affecting the municipal sector.

On the left navigation menu, you will find current policy issues we are working on now. Read our Strategic Objectives, Member Updates and Backgrounders to find out what other initiatives we are working on.

Recent Advocacy

Government Consultation on Income Security Reform
AMO will conduct further analysis and the Board will consider the municipal impacts of the report’s recommendations.

New Policing Legislation Introduced at Queen’s Park
Long-awaited policing legislation was introduced following a five-year review by the Future of Policing Advisory Committee (FPAC), of which AMO was an active participant, and Justice Tulloch’s Independent Police Oversight Review. Through our widely read report, AMO was the only participant at FPAC to express publicly a clear vision of how policing, in its totality, could be modernized to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Attorney General Introduces Ontario’s Cannabis Act, 2017.
AMO will work with municipal governments and the province for a successful implementation of the Ontario approach, while advocating for responsible, locally regulated private businesses in the future to maximize economic development opportunities for communities, including municipalities in rural and northern Ontario.

AMO Submission re Bill 142, An Act to Amend the Construction Lien Act, 2017.
AMO has been actively involved in the four-year review process and is supportive of many aspects of Bill 142. However, we encourage you to download the full submission to learn more about what amendments we are looking for during clause-by-clause consideration.

Call to Action - Talk to Your MPPs About Estimated Fiscal Impacts of Bill 148
Members’ voices are needed in requesting AMO’s priority Bill 148 amendments and letting your local MPPs know what the estimated fiscal impacts could be for your municipality.

CRA Pursuing Municipal Emergency Workers Parking as Taxable Benefit
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has assessed added taxes to Toronto municipal employees, particularly fire, police and paramedic workers who park at their local emergency stations.

AMO Opposes Proposed Changes to Public Health System
After careful consideration by AMO’s Board of Directors and our Health Task Force, AMO does not support the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Public Health and urges the government not to adopt them.

Health Omnibus Bill With Municipal Implications
AMO staff and the AMO Health Task Force will review all these legislative amendments in detail to assess the municipal impacts. Further information to members will be provided when available.

Policing Policy and Bill 68 Update
AMO has been provided details regarding the government’s plan for policing grants in 2018-19.  Ontarians pay the highest policing costs in the country. This includes both provincial and municipal spending. In 2014-2015, Ontarians spent $347 per capita on policing, which is at least $20 more than Albertans, $38 more than Quebecers, and $58 more than British Columbians. AMO is seeking to modernize policing, so that all Ontario communities can afford police services, along with all the other public programs and services that keep people safe and healthy.

The changes made through the Bill 68, Modernizing Ontario's Municipal Legislation Act will come into force in phases. While some sections of MOMLA came into force on Royal Assent, many of the sections will come into force on dates to be proclaimed. A phased approach to proclamation has been confirmed, which would bring certain amendments into force on January 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019, respectively. AMO will continue to monitor progress and keep members informed.

Ontario Announces Cannabis Control Board to Retail Cannabis Products and its Provincial Cannabis Framework
AMO has led engagement with municipal, provincial, and federal governments since cannabis legalization was first announced in April 2016. Moving forward, AMO will continue to work with the Province, through the AMO Marijuana Legalization Task Force and staff-level working tables, to ensure the implementation of a safe and effective Ontario model for cannabis regulation.

August 2017 Board Meeting ans Helping Latest Double Firefighters
To keep members informed, AMO provides updates on important issues considered at regular AMO Board of Directors’ meetings. The Board met in Ottawa, Ontario prior to the 2017 Annual AMO Conference.

Minister’s Expert Panel Report on Public Health Released
Although engagement details are pending, we do understand that there will likely be a reasonable amount of time for review and discussion. AMO will be convening its Health Task Force in early September to fully consider this report and assist the development of the AMO Board’s response at the September Board meeting. At the upcoming AMO conference, there will be a concurrent session on the future of public health on Tuesday, August 15th.

AMO Submission on Bill 148,  Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017
There are some significant areas of concern for municipal governments in the draft legislation. We look forward to working with the government and all members of the Ontario Legislature to find reasonable approaches to what may be some unintended consequences for municipal services, especially emergency services.