Benefits of e-Learning

The web is filled with sites that say “click to learn more” AMO’s new portal actually does just that! The portal provides e-learning for the busy member of Council looking to expand their knowledge and keep their skill set current and relevant. The benefits of online learning are:

  1. Convenient E-learning allows you to balance the demands of Council, careers and home life by accessing courses 24/7/365 from home, work and even on the road.
  2. Immediate You can start a course in a matter of clicks! Be done in one sitting (about two to three hours) and download your certificate from your account.
  3. Ease of Use Click away and get the knowledge you need as a member of Council on topics such as financial literacy, property assessment, asset management, land use planning and more...
  4. Flexible You decide when you want to take the course. If you only have time at night,  no worries make your own schedule and do the course at your own pace over the course of 30 days.
  5. Cost-Effective Studies show that online learning can save an organization 50-70% of training expense by eliminating the cost of travel.
  6. Quality All of our courses are built by subject matter experts and adult education course designers. All courses are vigorously edited, and tested prior to launch and reviewed often to ensure content is up to date and relevant.

Our Online Courses

So You Want to Run For Council: This updated for 2018 course will provide an overview of what you should know before you decide to run for municipal office and sign your candidacy. The course contains quotes from Ontario Municipal Councillors; links to relevant sites, materials, and Acts; and participatory elements such as short knowledge quizzes, and a learning journal which can be printed at the end of the course.

Leadership féminin en action Prescott-Russell has kindly provided a French language candidates guide to supplement the e-learning in So You Want to Run for Council. Click here to download the PDF.

Cover Your Assets: Your Primer on Asset Management. Are you looking for fundamental information about asset management and how assets support the municipal programs and services offered?


Energy Procurement: The Procuring for Energy Efficiency course is geared towards staff, board members and/or elected officials, and others interested in learning best methods of procuring for energy related goods and services. It is applicable to anyone working in public sector organizations in Ontario.

Municipal Councillor Financial Literacy: Municipal councillors are the stewards of municipal finances. Developing a strong understanding of the financial terms used in the municipal context, the importance of the long term view, who is responsible for what, tips on what to look for in reports brought to council and how to communicate with the public are all key to council success. Throughout the course there are opportunities to log notes for future follow up along with a self-assessment tool for tracking topics the learner wants to further explore.

Land Use Planning: As a Councillor in Ontario you may have a basic understanding of what land use planning is and how it is approached in Council. This course is intended to provide an overview of what you need to know about land use planning and provide you with a basic understanding of the challenges faced by Councillors.  Please note changes to legislation have occured and/or pending and the course will be updated to reflect said changes shortly.

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